A new high speed and accurate approach of structure based drug design is offered to molecular modelers and medicinal chemists

Exploit all known macromolecular structures

Macromolecules surface similarity detection with MED-SuMo at PDB scale is a technology breakthrough to discover a wealth of drug design data. MED-SuMo is a state of the art technology to search into 3D databases, find similar binding surfaces and generate 3D superpositions based on common surface chemical features and similar shape. Exploit all known macromolecule structures with MED-SuMo:

   Working with MED-SuMo is easy

   Exploit a wealth of local similarities with the fragment based approach

   View performances on various targets

   Interested in what the Graphical User interface looks like, visit the screenshot gallery ?

   MED-SuMo is fast and generates almost no false positives, view details about its heuristic

   Interested in MED-SuMo but your strategy requires integration into your current solution ? Visit the MEDIT's Pipeline Pilot components page

  MED-SuMo brochure


     Searching, browsing and superimposing 3D macromolecules structures

     Site mining

     drug repurposing

     Site classification at PDB scale

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